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गीर एक्टिवेटेड चारकोल & टी ट्री हर्बल सोप 80g

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• Activated charcoal removes impurities from the skin,
• helps to open closed pores and clear scars.
• It is especially good for acne prone skin and those who have frequent pimple breakouts.
• Tea Tree oil is an antiseptic and removes sebum from the skin.
• It gives your skin a healthy and natural glow.
• Aloe Vera naturally moisturizes and heals the skin

Brands: GIR
Product Type: Herbal

गीर एक्टीवेटेड चारकोल & टी ट्री साबुन :

GIR Godetox Herbal Soap is Ayurvedic soap.

      यह साबुन गीर गाय के घी, एक्टीवेटेड चारकोल, एलोवेरा, टी ट्री ऑयल, ओर्गेनिक कॉल्ड प्रेस्ड नारियल तेल, पाम ऑयल, सोप बेझ और शुद्ध पानी से बनाया गया है।

Activated charcoal soap can pull the unwanted excess oils from your skin along with the dirt from the skin.

Key ingredients :

GIR Gau Ghee, Activated Charcoal, aloe vera, Tea Tree oil, Organic cold pressed coconut oil, palm oil, soap base and pure water.

How to apply :

Use it as your daily bath soap

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