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1 x GIR Saundarya capsule (60 capsule)
1 x GIR Saundarya Kusum Face Oil - kesar panchpushpa
1 x GIR Kesh Rakshita Tailam 100ml
1 x GIR Gauri Kalyan Tailam (Women Care Oil) 100ml
1 x GIR Neem & Aloe Vera Snan Ubtan 200g
1 x GIR Henna Hair Pack 150 gm
1 x GIR Skin Brightening Face Scrub 50g
1 x GIR Manjistha & Rose Herbal Soap 80g

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    Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way - you just need a little natural and loving touch of ancient Ayurvedic beauty care. Experience Ayurvedic healing, and allow yourself or your loved one to be pampered by GIR Beauty Care products which include exotic soaps, face packs and oils.
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    GIR Skin Brightening Face Scrub 

    It works gently by removing dead skin cells, dirt and clearing pores. It also contains natural bleaching properties that help to brighten the skin, and remove blemishes and dark spots.


    Make a paste with water or aloe vera gel and apply on the face and neck area. Massage gently in broad, circular strokes with your index and middle finger. Avoid the area around the eyes. Let it dry, and then wash it with water.

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    GIR Saundarya Kusum Tailam - kesar panchpushpa

    It improves skin texture by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness. Reduces effects of stressors such as pollution, aging, acne, etc. 


    After cleaning & drying the face, apply 3 drops before going to bed, gently massage. Do not use during day time.

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    GIR Rose Majith Soap 

    In Ayurveda, Manjistha is regarded as “Vamya”, meaning it improves skin complexion, and “Vishagna”, meaning it removes toxins. Perfect soap for a beautiful you!

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    GIR Saundarya capsule 

    Helps with blood purifcation, acne, pimples, skin dryness, age spots and itching. This is a rich formula of time tested Ayurvedic herbs that enhance your inner & outer beauty. 


    Adults can take 2 capsules in the morning and at night with warm water. Children below 12 years can be given 1 capsule with warm water, or contents of 1 capsule with organic honey.

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    GIR Neem & Aloe Vera Snan Ubtan 

    The usage of neem in Ayurvedic healing dates back more than 5000 years. It  is made from natural herbs which have anti-bacterial, immune boosting and regenerative properties.


    Take the required quantity of GIR Neem & Aloe Vera Snan Ubtan powder in a bowl and mix water, milk or buttermilk. Apply all over the body and gently massage the skin. Wash with normal water.

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    GIR Henna Hair Pack 

    Natural hair colour and conditioner. Has deep cooling and nourishing properties. Makes hair stronger & shinier. Also treats dandruff and scalp infections effectively. 


    Take required quantity in a bowl. Add tea decoction and let it soak for 3 to 4 hours. Apply paste from scalp to hair end and leave it on for 2 hours. For deep conditioning add 4 spoon curd to the pack.

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    GIR Kesh Rakshita Tailam

    A blend of Ayurvedic herbs that nourish and soften the hair, promote healthy hair growth, protect them from damage and help them to grow longer and thicker.


    For daily use: Apply directly on scalp and hair.

    For hair massage: Warm the oil and massage from scalp to end for 10 minutes and leave it on for at least one hour, may also be left overnight.

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    GIR Gauri Kalyan Tailam 

    Traditional Ayurvedic massage oil to balance all three dosha's. It removes dead cells, smoothens & improves skin radiance, provides relief from muscular pain.


    For massage: Using warm oil during massage is an excellent way to promote relaxation and soothe muscles, while opening the pores and softening the skin.

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