GIR Preventive Immunity Combo
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To boost immunity during an pandemic - महामारी मे रोग प्रतिरोधक शक्ति बढ़ाने के लिए।


• Boosts Immunity against pathogens.
• Helps to detoxify the body.
• Reduces inflammation.
• Improves digestion and overall metabolism..
• Helps reduce excessive body heat.

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Brands: GIR
Product Type: Herbal
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GIR Nasya

• Nasya help to protect from viruses and infections
Nasya helps in preventing bacterial activity • Extremely effective in treating a wide headache and stress • Nasya helps to clear breathing & snoring issues • Nasya helps to treating insomnia & brain related disorders • Nasya helps to clear cold, cough & asthma • Nasya helps to lubricate the nasal passage • Nasya helps to clean out mucus and sinuses • Nasya helps to improve voice • Nasya helps to mental clarity and vision

How to use:
Place Nasya in a bowl of hot water if converted into frozen, After the liquid has been poured into the bottle. Pull 2 to 5 drops from the back and place them in both nose holes. Let the nose reach deep into the path of Head and Nosal.

GIR Ananta Churna

• Immunity Booster
• Use Full In Digestive System & high Cholesterol of Blood Pressure, Anemia, Antiviral & Anti Microbial
• Use full in women Problem, Prolactin Hormone Increaser, Insomnia, Heart Tonic & Stress Management
• Usefull in urine Diseases Burning & Maturation, Urticaria (Skin Problem)

How to use:
1 Tsp / 3 Part with warm water on an empty stomuch, or directed by physician.

GIR Asthi Churna


• Effectively treating communicable diseases and fevers such as viral infections, Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria etc.
• Boosts immunity System
• Helps in Reducing overeating
• Enhances digestive fire
• Treat diseases arising from an imbalanced Vata, such as joint pains
• Helps in many forms of arthritis issues

How to use:
1 tablespoon with warm water, or as directed by physician

GIR Giloy Gaumutra Capsule


• Immunity Booster
• To cure fever
• Treatment of jaundice
• To protect you from diarrhea
• Rich in anti-aging properties
• Effective for diabetes patients

How to use:
Two capsules three times a day, after breakfast or food. You can also add this capsule while preparing decoction.


My heartfelt thanks to all the Corona Warriors who dedicated to Gomata's work

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