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GIR Drakshavaleh 425gm

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    Benefits :-

    Pure • Ancient • Authentic
    • Improves digestion.
    • Improves immunity
    • Helps in anemia

    Product Description :

    Gir Drakshavaleh is one of the most important herbal supplements in Ayurveda. 'Draksha' literally means raisins which is the main ingredient in this formula which contains 13 powerful herbs processed in the medium of Gir Ahinsak Gau Ghee and Organic Black Sesame Oil.

    Gir Drakshavaleh is made with authentic ingredients and is free of any type of white sugar, chemicals or preservatives. This potent supplement strengthens the digestive fire, facilitates smoother elimination and improves the absorption of iron in the body. This formula also protects the normal functioning of liver.

    No preservatives • No white sugar • Pure Herbal Supplement

    Indications :

    General tonic to improve digestion, or get relief from constipation, anemia or respiratory infections.   

    How to use :

    Adults - 2-4 teaspoons twice daily with warm milk or honey. Kids can take 1-2 teaspoons.